2006 Ford Pickup

  • 2006 Ford Pickup

    Ford Pickup
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    • Customer States the check engine light is on. the windows do not work. left front tire is low
    • Perform a visual inspection for leaks. Install pressure gauges. Check high and low pressures and outlet duct temperature. Scan applicable computer systems. Check cooling fan operation. Evacuate and recycle Freon. Recharge with new freon to manufacturers specifications. Install UV leak detecion dye as required. Check for leaks w/UV dye. Check for proper air conditioning operation. **Needed Freon is additional** Freon Recovered:_____________KG Freon Capacity: _____________KG High side pressure:____________PSI Low side pressure:____________PSI Leak Detected: Pass Fail Duct temperature:_____________F **Needed Freon is additional**
    • remove and replace failed window switch
    • remove and replace two lower ball joints. remove and replace two upper control arms remove and replace stabilizer links
    • Road test the vehicle. Install the alignment equipment and check the caster, camber, and toe settings. Advise of any needed adjustments to the caster, camber. If caster and camber are within manufacturer specifications, set toe, otherwise prepare an estimate to install correct adjustment devices. Remove the alignment equipment and perform a final road test on the vehicle.
    • Remove and replace AC manifold and orifice tube Replace pressure switch Replace Accumulator
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